In 2020, a chilling incident unfolded in Rothley, Leicestershire, as 19-year-old Angel Lynn was kidnapped following a heated dispute. The traumatic episode left her paralysed, brain-damaged, and voiceless after a tragic fall from a van speeding at 60mph. Angel’s story has touched hearts globally, especially as she’s showcased remarkable resilience.

Recently, Angel’s recovery journey took an uplifting turn. During a hospital visit, Nikki Lynn, Angel’s mother, recounted the emotional moment to ITV’s Good Morning Britain. She revealed that Angel, against all odds, pronounced the word “mum”. This moment of hope follows another significant milestone – Angel standing for the first time in May.

The perpetrators of the crime, Chay Bowskill and Rocco Sansome, faced legal consequences for their heinous actions. Both were found guilty of kidnap, with Bowskill receiving a 12-year sentence and Sansome 21 months.

While the road to recovery remains challenging, Angel Lynn’s story serves as a testament to human resilience and the unwavering hope that lies within us all.

Image credit: Leicestershire Police