A man in Nebraska was pulled over by the police while driving a car with a full-sized bull as his passenger. The attention-grabbing sight of a bull comfortably seated in the car’s passenger seat was enough to turn heads and raise numerous questions.

The car in question was a modified Ford Crown Victoria sedan, and it quickly became evident that this was no ordinary vehicle. The car’s roof and windshield had been partially removed to create enough space for the bull, which had been aptly named Howdy Doody. The bull was not just a passenger; it was a co-pilot, comfortably situated in the car’s shotgun seat. A yellow cattle gate had been ingeniously attached to the side of the car, serving as a makeshift passenger door to keep the bull securely in place.

The bull, Howdy Doody, was no stranger to attention and recognition. The owner, Lee Meyer, had been participating in parades and events throughout the region for years, often with his bull riding shotgun. In fact, Howdy Doody’s appearances in parades were well-known and had earned Meyer recognition and awards. During a recent parade in Burwell, the bull’s eye-catching ride had even been judged the Best Car Entry in Nebraska’s Big Rodeo Parade.

The video of the police interaction with Meyer and Howdy Doody spread rapidly online, capturing the curiosity and amusement of viewers across the internet. It was a sight that was both captivating and comical, leaving people intrigued by the audacious setup.

What Were the Traffic Violations?

When the police pulled over Meyer, they cited him for two traffic violations: driving with an unrestrained animal and driving with a modified vehicle. The first violation is a Nebraska law that requires all animals to be restrained in a vehicle in a way that prevents them from moving freely. The second violation is a law that prohibits any modifications to a vehicle that make it unsafe to drive.

What Was the Outcome of the Incident?

The officers allowed Meyer to continue on his way, as long as he turned around and took Howdy Doody back home. They also advised him to remove the modifications to his car and to get a trailer to transport the bull in the future.

What Did the Community Think?

The community was divided on the incident. Some people thought it was funny and creative, while others thought it was irresponsible and dangerous. Some people also questioned why Meyer would take the bull on a 36-mile drive when he could have just transported him in a trailer.

The incident of the bull riding shotgun in Norfolk, Nebraska, was a truly unique and unforgettable event. It is a story that will continue to be told and retold for years to come. It is a story about creativity, quirkiness, and the power of the internet to bring people together.