This mouthguard-shaped device uses 35K bristles to clean your teeth in only 10 seconds.

The French startup Y-Brush has unveiled a mouthguard-shaped tool called the “10-second toothbrush.” The theory behind it is that it will thoroughly clean your mouth much faster than a traditional toothbrush.

This week at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, the tool with 35,000 nylon bristles was on display.

The company claims it uses supersonic vibrations to clean teeth in 10 seconds while the company states it takes only 10 seconds, brushing an entire mouth of teeth can take up to 30 seconds – it takes 10 seconds to clean one set at a time.

The brush is placed in the mouth, and users gently chew on it while the bristles clean their teeth. Y-brush is available in adult and children’s sizes and has three months of battery life.

The Y-Brush can be purchased on Amazon.

Image credits: Y-Brush