A fascinating animation video demonstrates what four transparent rockets look like as the fuel is fired up on lift-off and as stage separation in space later occurs.

The video, posted on the Hazegrayart account, is closing in on 3 million views on YouTube. It’s just under 10 minutes long and shows the four rockets at lift-off as well as at various different phases of their trajectories into space.

The four transparent rockets which are simulated in this computer generated animation clip are as follows (left to right, as per the video):

1. Saturn V: This is a super heavy-lift vehicle which was used by NASA between 1967 and 1973.

2. The Space Shuttle: A former NASA space plane which was retired in 2011.

3. Falcon Heavy: A SpaceX manufactured super heavy-lift vehicle (the rocket which was used in Florida to launch NASA astronauts Bob Behnken and Doug Hurley to the International Space Station on May 30 was SpaceX’s Falcon 9 rocket, not the Falcon Heavy).

4. Space Launch System (SLS) – NASA’s upcoming heavy-lift rocket that has been under development since the 2011 retirement of the Space Shuttle.

The different rocket fuel types have been color-coded:

* Red: Kerosene RP-1, a refined form of kerosene similar to jet fuel.

* Orange: Liquid hydrogen (LH2), which is a common NASA rocket fuel.

* Blue: Liquid oxygen (LOX) – diatomic oxygen in a liquid form, previously used in the Space Shuttle.

For NASA’s upcoming SLS rocket, a mix of liquid hydrogen and liquid oxygen will be combined in order to produce a huge amount of power, as well as water.

Hazegrayart, the computer artist, has also created some other stunning space exploration videos over the past few years.

These include a simulation of SpaceX’s Big Falcon Rocket landing on Mars.

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Image credit: Hazegrayart