When Portugal’s Streets Were Dyed Red: The Levira Distillery Wine Overflow

Wine enthusiasts might dream of a river made of wine, but for the residents of São Lourenço de Bairro in Portugal, this fantasy briefly became an unplanned reality. The quiet town became the center of attention when Levira Distillery experienced an unexpected mishap: two of its storage tanks burst, releasing a staggering 2.2 million liters of wine.

In a spectacle reminiscent of Biblical proportions, the streets were awash with a veritable river of wine, swirling gracefully around stationary vehicles and street signage. The sea of wine was so voluminous that it would have filled close to 3 million wine bottles. Imagine witnessing your hometown streets being transformed into a flowing crimson river, leaving locals both bemused and concerned.

Though the visuals were undoubtedly intriguing, the pressing concern was the potential contamination of nearby rivers. In an efficient and timely response, firefighters swung into action, diverting the liquid away from crucial waterways and into surrounding fields. The quick thinking ensured minimal environmental damage.

Levira Distillery stepped up, assuming full responsibility. Their statement, as mentioned in USA Today, emphasized their commitment to swiftly resolving the situation, covering the costs of cleaning and repairs.

Such unexpected incidents, while rare, aren’t entirely unheard of. An Italian village witnessed a slightly different but similarly wine-related oddity three years prior. Their taps gushed forth red wine instead of the expected water, leaving locals both amused and, inevitably, a tad disappointed when the error was promptly rectified.

While the cause behind the tanks’ malfunction in Portugal remains under investigation, one thing is for sure: the town of São Lourenço de Bairro will not be forgotten anytime soon, having been christened in wine and becoming a unique footnote in the annals of wine history.

Image credit: NUNO_MAR