n a bizarre turn of events, a Georgia man named Robin Swanger has been arrested for allegedly stealing his neighbor’s entire front porch. The porch, valued at $3,000, was not attached to a home at the time of the theft. Swanger reportedly ignored multiple “no trespassing” signs before committing the act.

Investigator Chris Stapler of the Coweta County Sheriff’s Office told FOX 5 Atlanta that the porch was “very well constructed” and measured 8′ by 10′. “Some people may think it’s trivial, but taking someone’s property without consent is a serious offense,” Stapler emphasized.

The arrest came after deputies were called to Swanger’s home for a domestic disturbance. He had reportedly been in a fight with his wife and was throwing rocks at their house. Swanger now faces two counts of domestic violence, including battery, in addition to a felony theft charge for the porch.

This case serves as a cautionary tale about respecting property boundaries and the gravity of theft, no matter how unusual the item in question may be.