A ‘lazy’ dairy cow is making headlines around the world for her hilarious approach to getting out of milking. Doris, a frisky Friesian cow from a dairy herd on the Isle of Wight, was caught on camera faking sleep to avoid being milked. While her fellow cows have gone off for the milking routine, Doris can be seen appearing to pretend to sleep, trying to get some extra shut-eye. However, her farmworker, John Brodie, was able to capture her cunning antics and film it. He later shared the video clip on social media, causing it to go viral.

Doris the Cow

Doris’s video has been viewed over 1.5 million times, with many applauding her creative approach to getting a break from the daily routine. Brodie, who took the video, reported that he had noticed Doris was the only one in the barn when he walked in. All the other cows had already started moving towards the milking location, but Doris was still there. He watched as she popped her head down, pretending to sleep and avoiding his attention, and that was when he knew he had a viral moment at hand. He took out his phone and captured the scene, and it has been history ever since.

Doris is part of a larger herd of about 200 dairy cows on Reeds Farm on the Isle of Wight. The farm supplies milk to local shops and branches of Co-op on the island. Although her peers are quite diligent and always ready for their daily routine, Doris is a bit different. Brodie describes her as a “lazy cow,” and this also seems to be the case when it comes to milking. He believes that she thinks by hanging back, she can get a bit more attention – something that she seems to really love.

Despite all the fame and attention that Doris has accumulated, the farmworkers remain unfazed. They have been taken aback by her newfound fame, but Doris has remained blissfully ignorant. Brodie reports that she is quite happy doing her day-to-day thing and not too fussed about the recent media attention.