As if strawberries weren’t already delicious enough, two relatively new derivatives of the fruit called pineberries and bubble berries – tasting like pineapple and bubblegum respectively – are becoming rather popular.

After discovering the berries on a visit to Europe, Phillip Neilsen, an importer for an Australia company called United Nurseries, said it was an obvious decision to share them with his fellow Aussies.

“We went to a nursery that had these strawberries, and we thought they looked fantastic so we asked if we could bring them to Australia,” he was quoted saying by Mashable Australia.

“They looked fabulous when we saw them over there. We already grow strawberries for our company, and we just saw they were really unique and at the end of the day we thought we need to try these,” Neilsen added.

Initially the company imported only 21 plants: pineberries and bubbleberries, as well as strasberries – a mix of strawberries and rasberries. From those they reproduced the fruits on a large scale.

The fruits are not genetically modified; they’re created by a crossing of different flavoured strawberries, a process which took years to do. Technically, the pineberry is a hybrid fruit, while the bubbleberry is a heirloom variety of the strawberry.

“They are all strawberries and all bred from strawberries,” Neilsen explained.

“They are done from selection, and crossing. From what I can gather, it is like any crosses.

“They may have gotten something that had a strong citrus flavour and kept one or two of them and then crossed it with the white one.”

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The pineapple and bubblegum flavours are not overwhelming, it’s a rather more subtle taste.

“They all taste like a strawberries but when you bite into the pineberry it has a citrus taste. It is not like biting into a pineapple, it just has a hint of that taste,” Neilsen said. “[The bubbleberry] has a lot of sugar in it so it has a strong taste like Hubba Bubba bubblegum.”

Adding to the excitement and overall experience is the aesthetic factor.

With white flesh and red seeds, the pineberry has the appearance of an ‘inside-out’ strawberry. The bubbleberry looks much more like a regular strawberry, except that it’s round in shape.

Food fanatics will no doubt be getting creative with these flavours. Indeed, a pineberry or a bubbleberry daiquiri sounds good about now!

Image Credit: Michael Camilleri