In the captivating realm of the supernatural, tales of haunted objects have always held a unique allure. Today, we delve into an eerie narrative that has recently surfaced – the story of a ‘haunted’ rocking horse, a relic from the early 20th century, now going up for auction.

This isn’t your ordinary, nostalgia-inducing rocking horse. This particular one, a gray dappled pony, has a peculiar talent for moving around on its own, mysteriously shifting from room to room without any human intervention. Its current owner, known only as “Kelly,” has reported these uncanny movements, adding an extra layer of intrigue to this already fascinating object.

Kelly, the great-granddaughter of a medium named Dick Godden, who is said to have used the rocking horse to summon spirits, has decided to part ways with this family heirloom. However, she feels a responsibility to warn potential buyers about the rocking horse’s paranormal past, as reported by SWNS, the British news service.

The rocking horse has been passed down through generations of Kelly’s family, but her 10-year-old daughter shows no interest in riding or playing with it. Kelly recalls stories told by her great-grandmother of leaving the house with the rocking horse on the landing, only to return and find it in a completely different room, despite no one else being present.

Kelly’s family has a history of spiritualism, with her mother taking her to her first séance at just 15 years old. Now a holistic therapist in Ashford, Kent, in the U.K., Kelly has since renounced spiritualism and embraced Christianity. It is her new faith that has prompted her to remove the spooky pony from her home.

While the horse hasn’t moved from her landing lately, Kelly often hears banging noises upstairs while she’s working. Her great-grandfather Godden, a well-known paranormal investigator in Folkestone, reportedly held séances at his home and believed a young girl named Angela, whose spirit he had “raised,” was playing on the toy horse.

Kelly recounts her supernatural upbringing, including a time when her great-grandmother found the horse moved into the middle of the living room in an empty house. She also remembers feeling uneasy visiting her great-grandparents’ three-story house and ascending the steep narrow staircase to the top floor where the horse was kept.

Despite having the rocking horse since her daughter was an infant, her child was never drawn to it or interested in playing on it. Kelly admits she’s never seen the rocking horse move rooms, but she often hears the sound of someone walking around upstairs and has experienced unexplained loud bangs.

The rocking horse is expected to fetch £200 to £300, or roughly $257 to $386 in U.S. dollars, at auction on July 30. The lot summary from Canterbury Auction Galleries notes that the vendor’s great-grandfather was a trance medium/ghost hunter in the 1940s, and the horse was used for séances.

A spokesperson for the auctioneer’s house stated, “The supernatural element of this item has not determined the estimates put on it.” Despite this, Kelly feels it’s important to flag the horse’s past to potential buyers, even though she realizes it might deter some.

As the sale of the ‘haunted’ rocking horse looms, we can’t help but wonder who will be its next owner. Will it be a thrill-seeker, a paranormal enthusiast, or perhaps someone who simply loves unique antiques? Only time will tell.