Taylor Swift’s decision to skip Canada on her upcoming tour has sparked outrage among fans, and it has also highlighted the hypocrisy of Canadian politicians.

The “Eras Tour” will kick off in June 2023 and will include dates in the United States, Europe, and Asia. However, there are no Canadian dates on the itinerary.

This has left many Canadian fans feeling betrayed and neglected. Some fans have taken to social media to express their frustration, with some even calling for a boycott of her tour.

The Canadian government has also weighed in on the controversy. Conservative MP Matt Jeneroux filed an “official grievance” with the Speaker of the House of Commons, Anthony Rota, over Swift’s decision to skip Canada. Jeneroux said that Swift’s snub is “a slap in the face to Canadian fans” and that it “sends a message that Canada is not a priority for her.”

However, the Canadian government’s criticism of Taylor Swift is hypocritical. The Canadian government has a long history of snubbing its own artists. In recent years, the Canadian government has cut funding for arts and culture programs, and it has made it more difficult for Canadian artists to get visas to perform in the United States.

The Canadian government’s hypocrisy is especially galling when you consider that Taylor Swift is a global superstar who could help to promote Canada on the world stage. By snubbing Taylor Swift, the Canadian government is sending a message that it doesn’t value its own artists or its own culture.

This is a sad day for Canada. It’s a day when we should be celebrating our artists and our culture, but instead we’re being reminded of the hypocrisy of our government.

I hope that Taylor Swift will reconsider her decision to skip Canada. And I hope that the Canadian government will take a long look at its own policies and start to support its own artists.

Canada is a great country with a rich culture. We deserve to be represented on the world stage, and we deserve to have our artists supported by our government.