In a bizarre turn of events that has left the real estate community in British Columbia astonished, a real estate agent found himself facing a significant fine of $20,000 after being caught on camera drinking milk straight from the jug during a home showing. The incident, which occurred in Kamloops, B.C., last July, has raised eyebrows and sparked discussions about professionalism within the industry.

This blog post delves into the intriguing details surrounding the milk-swirling mishap and its repercussions on the real estate agent involved. It also discusses the importance of professionalism and integrity in the real estate industry, and the lessons that can be learned from this peculiar situation.

The Milk-Swirling Incident Unveiled

Mike Rose, a real estate agent in British Columbia, was eagerly awaiting the arrival of his clients at a property in Kamloops, where they had shown interest in purchasing. As he waited alone in the house, Rose sought refreshment and went to the refrigerator to find a glass of water. However, in an unusual twist, he mistakenly reached for a jug of milk instead. Unaware that his actions were being recorded by a surveillance camera, Rose took a swig directly from the container before returning it to the refrigerator.

The Unforeseen Consequences

To Mike Rose’s dismay, the homeowners discovered the astonishing footage while reviewing the surveillance camera recordings. Shocked by what they witnessed, they took the matter seriously and confronted Rose about the incident two days later. Expressing their disappointment and discomfort with his unprofessional behavior, they informed him that he was no longer welcome in their home. Consequently, his clients decided to replace him in the purchase of the property.

Apologies and Explanations

In light of the gravity of his actions, Mike Rose promptly issued a sincere apology to the homeowners. In his defense, he admitted that his behavior was completely out of character and offered an explanation for the unusual incident. Rose attributed his actions to being under “considerable stress” at the time and experiencing unusual dehydration due to a new medication he was taking. While these factors do not excuse his actions, they provide context to his behavior during the home showing.

The Price to Pay: Disciplinary Penalty

Following extensive investigations and discussions involving the superintendent of real estate, Mike Rose agreed to a disciplinary penalty outlined in an official consent order. The order mandated that Rose pay a substantial fine of $20,000 for conduct unbecoming a real estate agent. Additionally, he was required to cover $2,500 in enforcement expenses. These penalties serve as a stark reminder to all real estate professionals about the significance of maintaining professionalism at all times.

Impact and Lessons Learned

The milk-swirling incident has had a lasting impact on both the homeowner, Lyska Fullerton, and the broader real estate community. Fullerton expressed her satisfaction with the regulatory body’s response and believes that the significant fine will serve as a deterrent to prevent similar incidents in the future. The incident also highlights the importance of trust and professionalism in the real estate industry, where homeowners place their trust in agents when opening their homes for showings.


The tale of Mike Rose and the milk-swirling incident serves as a cautionary tale for all real estate agents in British Columbia. It emphasizes the criticality of maintaining the highest standards of professionalism and integrity in every aspect of their work. The incident underscores the significance of the smallest actions, which can have far-reaching consequences, impacting one’s career, reputation, and client relationships. As real estate professionals, we must learn from Mike Rose’s unfortunate mistake and uphold the utmost professionalism, trustworthiness, and respect in our practices.

Additional Thoughts

In addition to the lessons mentioned above, the milk-swirling incident also raises some interesting questions about the role of surveillance cameras in the home showing process. While surveillance cameras can be a valuable tool for protecting homeowners and their property, they also raise privacy concerns. In this case, the homeowners were fortunate that the surveillance camera footage captured Rose’s actions. However, it is important to consider the potential implications of having surveillance cameras in homes that are being shown to prospective buyers.

Ultimately, the milk-swirling incident is a reminder that even the smallest actions can have significant consequences. As real estate professionals, we must always be mindful of our behavior and conduct ourselves in a professional and ethical manner.