The Singapore Police Force has deployed two robots to patrol Changi Airport. The robots are more than 7 feet tall when fully extended and have 360-degree vision, making them formidable enough to make any would-be lawbreaker think twice.

The robots, which have been patrolling the airport since April, are meant to “project additional police presence” and serve as extra “eyes on the ground,” according to the police force. They are also equipped with multiple cameras, giving them unobstructed views for better incident management.

During an incident, the robots can be used to enforce cordons and warn bystanders using their blinkers, sirens, and speakers. Members of the public can also directly communicate with the police force by pushing a button on the robots’ front.

The robots are just the latest in a series of technological innovations being used by the Singapore Police Force. In 2018, the force deployed robot dogs to enforce strict social distancing during the coronavirus pandemic. Cleaner robots are also a common sight at metro stations across the country, including Changi Airport.

The deployment of police robots at Singapore Airport is a sign of the growing use of technology in law enforcement. As technology continues to advance, it is likely that we will see even more sophisticated robots being used to keep our communities safe.