A surprising incident unfolded at Paignton Zoo in Devon today when a rhesus macaque, a small, agile monkey native to Asia, escaped its enclosure through a hole in the fence, sparking a “code red” and causing guests to be evacuated to the restaurant.

The zoo’s staff acted swiftly to recapture the animal, using a tranquilizer dart to ensure a safe capture. Many visitors praised their handling of the situation. Rumors initially flew about the type of animal on the loose, with some even fearing tigers were involved.

One guest commended the staff, saying, “Top marks to the staff for keeping everyone safe and keeping us calm!” The monkey, which was not injured during the escape, was quickly recaptured, and guests were allowed back out.

Paignton Zoo is currently investigating how the escape occurred and is reviewing its safety procedures to prevent future escapes. They expressed gratitude to visitors for their patience and cooperation. The incident serves as a reminder of the importance of safety measures and preparedness in animal care facilities.