A mysterious object that allegedly fell from the skies above Las Vegas just after midnight on May 1 has sparked a frenzy of speculation, with some people claiming to have seen tall alien creatures with “big eyes.”

The skeptical ex-cop who broke the story, Doug Poppa, isn’t absolutely sure it’s a hoax, but he is puzzled by why the Homeland Security department of the Las Vegas Metro Police Department (LVMPD) installed video surveillance cameras outside the home after the incident.

Poppa, who usually focuses on corruption in the LVMPD and did numerous stories about the Mandalay Hotel mass shooting, first revealed on May 18 how police had received a report of aliens on May 1. He then interviewed the family twice in person, telling The Post that, although he doesn’t really believe in UFOs, he felt the family was somewhat credible.

But it was during a second visit to the home when he noticed the video surveillance cameras, which the family told him the cops installed – supposedly to protect them from UFO nuts that might come to their address and bother them.

“The mother told me they came out there and put up the cameras, supposedly to protect the family from people coming to bother them about the UFO,” Poppa told The Post. “But I can tell you right now. Cops don’t come out and put up expensive video equipment up like that — and they certainly wouldn’t for someone calling in a report about a UFO.”

Poppa’s suspicions have been echoed by other experts, who say that the LVMPD’s actions are highly unusual.

“It’s very strange that the police would install surveillance cameras at a home after a report of a UFO,” said Michael Shermer, the publisher of Skeptic magazine. “It’s not like they’re going to catch any aliens on camera.”

Shermer added that the LVMPD’s actions could be seen as an attempt to “cover up” the incident.

“The police may be worried that if they don’t do something, people will start to believe that the UFO report is true,” he said.

The LVMPD has not commented on the surveillance cameras or the family’s claims.

The incident has sparked a wave of speculation on social media, with some people believing that the family is telling the truth and others believing that they are hoaxers.

Whatever the truth may be, the Las Vegas UFO mystery is sure to keep people talking for years to come.