Australian strongman Troy Conley-Magnusson has set a new Guinness World Record for the fastest time to rotate a Ferris wheel by hand. He spun the 45,000-kilogram ride at Sydney’s Luna Park in just 16 minutes and 55 seconds.

Conley-Magnusson is no stranger to world records. He has previously set records for the heaviest object lifted with one hand, the most consecutive pull-ups, and the fastest time to run a marathon while carrying a refrigerator.

To set the new Ferris wheel record, Conley-Magnusson had to use his bare hands to turn the wheel’s axle. The wheel was not powered in any way, so he had to use all of his strength to keep it rotating.

Conley-Magnusson said he was excited to set the new record and that he was proud to represent Australia. He also said that he hoped his achievement would inspire others to achieve their own goals.

Here are some additional details about the record-breaking feat:

  • The Ferris wheel was a 15-meter-tall model with 24 gondolas.
  • Conley-Magnusson used a technique called “double overhand” to grip the axle.
  • He had to rotate the wheel 360 degrees in order to set the record.
  • The previous record was set by a man in the United States in 2018.

Conley-Magnusson’s achievement is a truly remarkable feat of strength and endurance. He is an inspiration to us all and a testament to the power of the human body.