A 20-year-old woman was caught attempting to smuggle cocaine through Ezeiza International Airport in Buenos Aires, Argentina, by hiding some of the Class A drug capsules in an unusual way.

The young woman stuffed 11 capsules into a condom and then inserted it into her vagina before she was apprehended on July 29. In addition to these capsules, she had ingested 67 other capsules, adding to her attempt to transport the illegal substance.

Each tablet hidden in her vagina contained 110g of cocaine, with a UK street value of £5,500, while the ones she had ingested amounted to 632g of cocaine worth £31,600.

She was reportedly attempting to travel on the Iberia 2602 flight to Barcelona, Spain, but airport staff at Ezeiza International Airport became suspicious. The alleged drug mule, described as petite and weighing no more than 50kg, had a newly-issued passport and appeared nervous.

When the capsules were discovered, workers at the airport took her to Hospital Eurnekian Ezeiza to have the capsules safely removed.

She was released from the hospital on August 2 and appeared in court the next day. An investigation was launched against her for attempted narcotics smuggling in Buenos Aires.

Her belongings, including her phone, have been seized, and her home in Villa del Parque, Buenos Aires, was raided. She has reportedly refused to give a statement to officials, and the case continues to draw attention in the world of airport security and drug enforcement.