Spanish Paralympic cyclist Ricardo Ten Argiles has become a symbol of triumph, resilience, and humor. Winning three gold medals at the 2023 UCI World Championships in Glasgow, his achievements were momentarily overshadowed by an unusual gift from the official sponsor, Tissot – a watch. The video of the donation went viral, but Ten’s response was nothing short of inspiring.

A Sporting Phenomenon

Ricardo Ten is no stranger to the world of sports. An unfortunate childhood accident that led to the amputation of both arms and one leg did not deter him from pursuing his dreams. A multiple world champion and Paralympic champion, Ten has excelled not only in cycling but also in swimming.

At the World Championships in Glasgow, he secured three gold medals in track cycling, a feat that solidified his status as one of the sporting phenomena of our time.

The Viral Moment

The podium ceremony took an unexpected turn when Ten, who races without arms and one leg, was presented with a watch. While some might have seen it as an unnecessary or tactless gift, the Spanish cyclist took everything with humor.

He proudly showed off the watch on social media, writing, “I’m thrilled that this has gone viral. I enjoy reading your comments, some of them are very funny. It’s amazing that it has become more viral than the results achieved, Mother of God, what is going on!!”

A Cult Hero

The video of Ten receiving the watch has garnered more than 800,000 views, turning him into a cult hero. His response to the “tactless blunder” was filled with grace and humor, as he embraced the attention and even released a video for his fans.

He was asked in the viral video what time it was and responded by showing off the watch on his arm and saying, “It’s world champion time.”

A Champion’s Journey

Ten’s journey is a testament to determination and passion. He was only eight years old when doctors amputated his hands and left leg after an incident where he was electrocuted by high voltage wires. Despite 75% of his body suffering third-degree burns, Ten’s spirit remained unbroken.

He has competed at a very high level in Paralympic swimming for 21 years, participating in five Paralympic Games. In Rio 2016, he switched to cycling, a change that reinvigorated his motivation and led to continued success.


Ricardo Ten’s story is more than just a tale of gold medals and a viral watch gift. It’s a story of resilience, humor, and the human spirit’s ability to triumph over adversity.

His response to the watch incident, his achievements on the track, and his inspiring journey make him a true legend in the world of sports. As he prepares for the European championships and the 2024 Paralympics in Paris, the world will undoubtedly be watching, not just for his performance but for his unwavering spirit and infectious positivity.

Whether it’s in the swimming pool or on the bike, Ricardo Ten’s message is clear: “No matter how difficult life can be, it is worthy to try to enjoy it, even if only for a few moments, try to live them intensely.” A lesson we can all take to heart.