Everyone knows by now that avocados are amazing. Not only do they taste amazing they are also jam-packed with nutrients, fatty acids, and fiber. They go well with almost any meal.

They do have some downsides as they can be pretty pricey and to get them to just the right amount of ripeness is an art on its own.

Introducing the Avocado in a stick from the unnecessary inventions Facebook Page . They are well known for introducing classics like beanies for your fingers, the burrito neck holder, and the AirPod Chopstick holder.

The 'Avocado Stick' is the invention avo lovers never knew they needed ??Unnecessary Inventions

Posted by LADbible on Friday, May 3, 2019

Avo Tubes are quite readily available at some supermarkets and it would take away most of the hassles that we experience with eating and enjoying avocados. It’s just not worth the negative impact it places on the environment.

It seems like most people agree on this. Just after a video was released on social media showcasing the stick in action many people were very vocal about how they feel about it. Here are some of the responses:

Although There have been many cases of Avocado Hand lately where people are cutting themselves while opening an Avocado.  The 46-year-old woman below sliced an artery severed a nerve and plunged a 10 cm paring knife right into her own hand.

Melissa’s hand during surgery. Credit: SWNS

“It went halfway through my palm. It made a sound like when the killer stabs someone in a horror movie,” said Melissa.

The British Association of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeons recently called for safety labels to be placed on the fruit.

It might be a good idea to give our children some extra lessons on how to cut and open natural fruits and vegetables as clearly this is something people are struggling with. And it might be a good idea to add safety labels but that alone won’t solve this problem.

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