A 150-year-old painting by Ferdinand Georg Waldmüller has left art lovers baffled. The painting, titled “The Expected One,” depicts a young woman walking through a country path. She is holding something in her hands, and some people believe that it is an iPhone. Others believe that she is holding a hymnal.

The painting first went viral online in 2017, when many people joked that the woman was ignoring the man in the painting because she was too busy texting on her phone. However, experts have since confirmed that the woman is actually holding a hymnal.

The painting is interesting because it shows how our interpretation of art can change over time. In the 19th century, when the painting was created, people would have easily recognized the woman’s hymnal. However, today, when we are so accustomed to seeing people with smartphones, we might mistake the hymnal for an iPhone.

The painting “The Expected One” is a fascinating example of how our perception of art can be influenced by our own experiences. The painting can be seen as a commentary on the way that technology has changed our lives. In the past, people would have spent their time reading hymnals or other religious texts. Today, we are more likely to spend our time looking at our phones.

The painting also raises questions about the nature of time travel. Is it possible that the woman in the painting is actually a time traveler? Or is it simply a case of our own modern sensibilities seeing something that isn’t there?

Ultimately, the meaning of the painting is up to the individual viewer to decide. However, there is no doubt that it is a thought-provoking and intriguing work of art.