The Art of Holding It In: Tips for Containing Farts When You Can't Let Loose

Have you ever needed to let out a loud, stinky fart in public? It can be embarrassing, to say the least—and impossible if everyone is watching. Fortunately, you can effectively control your flatulence by using the pressure point technique.

Pressure points can be found throughout the body along energy pathways, or SEN. When pressure is applied to the SEN for a period, it can influence flatulence. The pressure points that 'stop a fart' are known as the release points. The release points are located on the inner side of your stomach, just to the side of your belly button.

To begin the pressure point technique, stand with your arms crossed across your stomach and your palms pressing against the release points. This ensures that the pressure is applied to the correct location. It is critical to apply the proper amount of pressure; too little will not be enough to stop the fart, and too much will be painful.

Take several deep breaths after applying pressure. Focus on the sensation of pressure as you breathe in and out and imagine you're pushing your fart back up into your body. Your goal is to keep the fart inside until you can find a private place to let it out.